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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Almost Heaven" Bound

I'm quickly coming out of my funk. I'm sorry you all had to follow it through my most recent blog. A few weeks ago, a close friend said, "If God leads you to write something, never compromise -- no matter what it is. Always listen to Him first." So even in my dark ramblings, I know God has a message to share.

The truth is my excitement has fizzled my funk. I am preparing for a long weekend at a great river cabin in West Virginia. River tubing, biking and running on the Greenbrier River Trail, cookouts, dips in the swimming hole, and a variety of other great adventures beckon, and I want to leave right this minute. But, I have to wait one more day. Look at these awesome cabins:

Greenbrier River Cabins

Our cabin has a front view of the beautiful river, and the back yard is the Greenbrier River Trail, a popular 79 mile rails-to-trails path that runs along a good chunk of Eastern West Virginia. The boys and I won't be traveling the entire trail since they are only 4 and 6, but someday...

Oh yes, look at those pictures. West Virginia, just like its motto and welcome sign says, truly is "almost heaven". It is my absolute favorite place to be. I can't wait to send you all some great pictures next week.

As always, when I get some extended time in nature, I come home overflowing with writing ideas. I am so excited to see what God fills me with this time. The only problem is, when I expect something -- like fresh ideas -- I tend to not get it. It's only when I least expect it that it comes.

So, I enter into this blissful weekend with no agenda, no expectations, no calendar, no WiFi access (gasp, I know -- I will be off line for 5 days straight), and no cell phone (yes, we're going old fashioned, I believe -- a land line).

I plan to spend my time lounging in an Adirondack chair, skipping my cell phone in the crystal clear water, and sipping on a Corona with the lime. Uh... wait... I mean sitting on a dusty fishing log, skipping my cell phone in a muddy river, and guzzling an ice-cold can of Budweiser (okay, I don't imbibe -- at least not openly -- I'm Baptist :), but you get the picture).

Oh, and just in case God tells me to write, I will have my ruby red, Dell Core 2 Duo laptop. Come on! You can't expect me to resort to pen and paper now can you?

Off topic: I coordinate a fun creative writing group in my town, and I stumbled upon this great creative writing ideas web site. If any of my fellow writer friends ever experience writers block, or if you just need some prompts to help you generate some new ideas, here's a great web site:

Creative Writing Prompts


  1. Sue said...

    No wonder you're excited!! The cabins look great and the scenery is spectacular!

    Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!! And may God flood your mind with great writing ideas and my the words flow from your brain to your fingertips ;-)

    Have a safe trip & glad you're feeling better :-D

  2. Anonymous said...

    To think I took the Smokies for granted when I lieved there. What I would give to be any where but here in this dry barren desert! Have a safe trip, I sure miss your smile, I could use a great big hug. Actually getting misty eyed just typing -T

  3. Karen's Michael said...

    Budweiser?!? You haven't drank anything stronger than a Dr. Pepper in a bazillion years. :D