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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Writing Goals

My top-ten 2013 writing goals:

1. Continue my freelance gigs (copy editing and article writing) so I can "Starve Better." (Writer friends--"StarveBetter" is an excellent book on writing. Get it!)
2. Make a decision once and for all about which publishing direction I want to go in with Cornelius, and DO IT.
3. Get some of my short stories sold (I have dozens just sitting in my computer twiddling their thumbs).
4. Write a series of short books specifically to market as e-books just to test the market.
5. Work with Denise Churchill to try to figure out what to do with our screenplay, Harry's Ashes. Possibly adapt it into a novel and pitch it to both screen and literature markets.
6. Line up more great speakers (writers, agents, publishers) for LWC.
7. Attend at least one writers' conference and maybe a retreat (looking at Wildacres in North Carolina).
8. Read at least one pleasure book per week.       
9. Expand my social-media presence.
10. Spend less time frittering on Facebook and other Internet sites.

What are your 2013 writing goals?