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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Salami "GOD"

Did you see this story today? A woman in Miami said she was frying three slices of salami, and when she flipped the first piece, a "G" was seared into the meat. When she flipped the second piece, an "O" was seared there, and then she thought, wouldn't it be weird if the last piece had a "D" on it. Then she flipped it and, sure enough, a "D" was there.

Okay, here's my question: at what point did she decide this was newsworthy enough to alert the media? And why? The funny thing is, she's much wiser than I am because I would have simply thought isn't that cool as I gobbled up the salami (okay, I don't eat salami, but you get the point). Alerting the media never would have crossed my mind. But, sure enough, the media jumped on it. Who would have thought... seriously.

What exactly are we supposed to do with this "newsworthy" story?

  • Are there atheists out there making phone calls saying, "yeah, did you see this salami "GOD" thing. It seems we've been wrong all along - there really IS a God?"
  • Are there masses of disobedient Christians watching this story and praying, "oh, God, thank you so much for that message. Had it not been for the salami, I would have continued in my intentional sin having never devoted myself fully to You?"
  • Are there agnostics out there having instant revelations and praying for salvation in record numbers while saying to each other, "oh my gosh, the proof is in the salami, and had I not seen it, I would have gone on living a wretched life and been condemned to hell for all eternity?"
  • Are there pilgrimages being planned to Miami so we can all see the "holy salami?" Oh please, I hope not but would it surprise me...?

I just don't believe any of these things are happening. If you are reading this and you do fall into one of those categories above, drop me a comment. I'd love to know if you actually exist, and if you do, I will publically declare on my blog, "yes, God does speak through fried salami." Otherwise, could someone please explain why this is on the news.

And, of course, here I am blogging about something that really shouldn't be newsworthy. Why do I do that?

By the way, the woman said she's looking into having the meat and it's message preserved. What do you think? Does God speak through deli meat?


  1. Sue said...

    First of all Karen, I loved your take on this - hee hee. Your possible "revelations" to the different people groups made me chuckle.

    That being said, I don't doubt that God "could" have spoken to this woman in her salami. Perhaps she was at a crossroads in her faith or just needing God to reveal Himself. He "could" do that... and it would be rather "miraculous". If that were the case though, does she need to run to the media or should she ponder this herself (and then eat the salami as you or I would have done thinking "Wow, God is so cool"). I don't have the answer.

    I'm hoping that by running to the media her story will encourage someone, whoever God wants it to reach, to speak of His inventive ways of revealing Himself to people. I just would hate for her wanting media involved was not purely for selfish gain :-(

    There's my 2 cents ;-)

  2. Karen said...

    Great thoughts to ponder, Sue. I thought of this being a personal issue between God and her as well. But, you are right, if by some chance it serves as a powerful testimony to someone else then certainly it would have been worth taking to the media. If she followed God's prompting, then she did the right thing.

  3. Mom (Nana) said...

    Here is my take... for what it is worth. I could see the O and the D forming on the fried salami, but I think someone clearly cut that G into the salami... call me a skeptic :)

    Love Mom (Nana)