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Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Is...

Flakes of pearls
dropping gracefully from the heavens
stilling the world for a moment
or a time
determined by its abundance.

Delicate bullets in bulk
with the power to destroy –
a life, a vehicle,
a structure, a livelihood –
in an instant.

White periods
making a statement,
the result of a somber storm,
releasing life’s anxieties
in a soft, final landing.

A giant snow cone
inspiring children to create
weapons, men, igloos, slides –
nature’s extreme
theme park ride.

Tiny flecks of cotton
forming a blanket of calm,
a vast cushioned barrier,
over a harsh,
unforgiving earth.

Frozen rain
falling, clinging,
absorbing, melting,
washing our soiled spirits
revealing a purity thought lost.

An aching absence -
A welcomed relief -
An unexplainable dichotomy
beyond spring’s last thaw.


  1. Yvonne said...


  2. Smile Awhile said...

    WOW! It is a different perspective to see these thoughts in writing! Kudos and Props to YOU for putting words to feelings and thoughts that often go unexpressed. I really liked the white bullets!

  3. Ramon said...

    Very insightful. Very visual. You saw the snow with fresh eyes. I think my favorite is "nature's extreme theme park ride". Well done.