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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Join a Writers' Group: WL 366 (#12)

Living Writers Collective - Fall Feast 2011
Lesson 12: Join a writers' group and attend regularly.

A good writers' group will support your writing addiction. They won't try to hold interventions like all those outsiders (non-writers) who think you've somehow fried your brain with all this writing nonsense. 

A good writers' group will encourage your writing strengths while providing helpful critiques of your writing weaknesses.

A good writers' group will grumble when you grumble, fret when you fret, and curse when you curse over that undeserved rejection letter, and the one before it, and the one before that one, . . .

A good writers' group will rejoice, do the chest bump, and dance a little jig with you when you sell a piece, finish your novel, land a writing gig, or get accepted into your dream MFA program. Of course, they'll be green and seething on the inside, and they'll probably go home and kill off the character they named after you, but then they'll happily raise a glass, or ten, to your success.

A good writers' group sees your manic depression and raises you a pseudo-schizophrenia and a bimonthly acute anxiety attack, which usually coincides with the enhanced conflict scenes in each writer's WIP.

A good writers' group will inspire you, motivate you, educate you . . . fuel your writing engine, churn your writing desires, feed your writing passion.

A good writers' group is filled with people who will become some of your coolest and closest friends.

A good writers' group will give you a place to escape the real world and feel normal for a while.

This is my good--no, amazing--writers' group. Do you have one?

Living Writers Collective - Fall Feast 2011 (being our crazy writer selves) 

LWC - Fall Feast 2010 (being our crazy writer selves)
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  1. Jen said...

    Thanks for being part (and the organizing leader part)of our awesomeness! So lucky to have LWC and everyone in it.