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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Writing Goals

My top-ten 2013 writing goals:

1. Continue my freelance gigs (copy editing and article writing) so I can "Starve Better." (Writer friends--"StarveBetter" is an excellent book on writing. Get it!)
2. Make a decision once and for all about which publishing direction I want to go in with Cornelius, and DO IT.
3. Get some of my short stories sold (I have dozens just sitting in my computer twiddling their thumbs).
4. Write a series of short books specifically to market as e-books just to test the market.
5. Work with Denise Churchill to try to figure out what to do with our screenplay, Harry's Ashes. Possibly adapt it into a novel and pitch it to both screen and literature markets.
6. Line up more great speakers (writers, agents, publishers) for LWC.
7. Attend at least one writers' conference and maybe a retreat (looking at Wildacres in North Carolina).
8. Read at least one pleasure book per week.       
9. Expand my social-media presence.
10. Spend less time frittering on Facebook and other Internet sites.

What are your 2013 writing goals?


  1. Kelley Lynn said...

    These are some great goals. Happy New Year! Here's to a wonderful 2013!

  2. Lavonda Pflug said...

    Now that the year is half over...
    Guess I should set some goal, huh? Like post on my blog more than once or twice a year...that would be a good place to start.

    I think Facebook is a writer's worst enemy. How are you doing with your goals?