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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I Really Shouldn't Blog

The top 10 Reasons I said I'd never start a blog:

10. Too time consuming
9. Who could possibly care about what I have to say
8. One more thing to have to keep up with
7. Not fond of addiction
6. Not sure how to do it (it will be constantly changing until it looks exactly how it does in my head - it may even take years)
5. Fear of writing too much in a heated moment and regretting it when it's too late to take it back
4. Fear of sounding a bit psychotic... neurotic... eccentric... melodramatic... egotistic... hysteric... pathetic... (add your own "-ic" word here).
3. Everyone will find out I'm not really the level-headed, sweet, and quiet person I appear to be in person
2. Fear of only seeing my family during blog breaks

AND THE #1 REASON I SAID I'D NEVER START A BLOG (drum role please, Paul):

1. My rebelliousness against becoming "one of THOSE people who BLOGS."

So, why am I starting a blog, you might be asking. I'm still not completely sure, but I love to share Jesus and I love to write - so here I am - blogging. I have not entered into this gently. I had a little talk with myself. If I ever have to ask myself any of these questions, I will stop blogging:

  • Do I take a shower or do I skip it and blog?
  • Do I cook dinner for my family or do I blog?
  • Do I go to church tonight or do I stay home and blog?
  • Do I pick my kids up from school or do I blog?
  • Do I go on vacation with my family or do I send Michael and the kids without me so I can stay home and blog?

Those are my absolute deal breakers. Wait... did I say I would STOP blogging if I had to ask these questions? What I meant to say is, I'll for sure expel myself for a few weeks - until I know I've learned my lesson. Oh gosh, "expel" is such a harsh word. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'll give myself a little "time out" (let's see 1 minute for each year of my life makes 39 minutes - I will absolutely punish myself with "time out" from blogging for 39 minutes if I ever have to ask myself one of the above questions - that is just unacceptable mom behavior). Of course, I'll have to finish whatever blog I'm working on at that moment (it wouldn't be fair to my readers, afterall, to leave them hanging) - but right after, I'll go straight to "time out."

Okay, do you see? This is why I really shouldn't blog. Be sure to check back in a couple of hours for my next post. :)