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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Blog Clothes and "Steph in the City"

I want to say an extra special "thank you" to my friend, fellow writer, and fellow blogger, Stephanie Faris, for naming my blog as one of her favorites on her top, award-winning blog, "Steph in the City." Stephanie recently moved to Blogger from My Space where she was a Top Blogger drawing thousands of visitors to her posts daily. She instantly gained a huge following here on Blogger, and I know you will enjoy reading her blog. She posts on a variety of topics, so there is something there for everyone. Click on her picture below to link to her blog.

Also, a very special "thank you" to Stephanie's readers who have hopped over here to read my blog. I hope you keep visiting.

My Father's Tears

Do you like my new blog clothes? My old blog clothes looked like this:

This was, and still is, my dream loft. "My Writing Loft" is actually in the corner of the guest bedroom under a sloped ceiling. Right now, I am looking at a bed holding only the box springs (we're using the mattress in my son's room). The chest of drawers is in front of my desk and holds all of my ideas, via post-it notes, on the side of the chest. A stack of books, thigh high, are on the floor behind my chair. Another stack of books, magazines, and newspapers rests next to a small bookshelf a few feet away. Oddly enough the bottom shelf of the the bookshelf is empty. And some books from the top shelf have fallen off of the unprotected sides. They've been laying there for a few weeks. In fact, here's a peek:

I know! It's not very glamorous is it? No one ever said the life of a writer is supposed to be glamorous. Even Stephen King uses a desk shoved into the sloped corner of a room, so I guess I'm in good company. You can see why I used my dream loft picture instead of the real thing.

I hope you like the new clothes. It truly does look like me -- sitting here in my "loft," slumped over my desk, typing away on my keyboard. I even prop my foot up like that sometimes -- when I don't have them criss-cross-applesauce in my chair. Except, I guess I better go ahead and confess that I don't really have blue hair.

Writing friends -- tell me about your writing space. Is it as glamorous as mine? Don't leave out any of the glamorous or not-so-glamorous details.


  1. warrenjc said...

    Loved your new clothes Karen. Keep up the good work and keep writing. Hows school coming? You going to Feb's convention in Colorado. I have gone yet but hope to this next year.

    Congrats on your connections. I'm happy for you.

    Keep writing

  2. Jaymie said...

    My writing space tends to be the library or Panera! But it is also one shelf of a book case and a couple tote bags. Pretty sad, but I make it work (usually).

  3. Lori Stanley Roeleveld said...

    Love your new digs! I write on my laptop anywhere I can. My favorite spot is on my deck looking out into the woods but I also have a "chair" in the living room. I work in the midst of my family (we homeschool and my husband works from home) so at first I used ear plugs and a working hat/sweater that indicated I should not be disturbed. Now, a simple glare will keep away most unnecessary interruptions. :) Again, wonderful blog makeover, Karen!

  4. Melissa said...

    I do love it! And congrats on the award!


  5. Smile Awhile said...

    I love your blue hair! And your drawing of the new clothes you're sporting is very impressive! My writing room is in between the chores and the errands and life, it also doubles as a kitchen.

  6. Faith Imagined said...

    Love the look! It is very fun!!! Congratulations on the award! What an honor!!!!

  7. Christian Mommy Writer said...

    I discovered Steph in the City on yesterday and you are right, it's a great blog. Congrats on getting recognized!

    As for my writing space? I write at the kitchen table...even though I have a very nice office that can be used. I use the kitchen table because my son is often playing beside me (our kitchen, eat-in area, and living room are open) and it's easier for me to keep an eye on him. When he goes to bed, I don't feel like transferring all my junk back to the office. So there you go! :-)

  8. Warren Baldwin said...

    The neat thing about writing is that it is a lot like reading - we can be transported from wherever we really are to the world we are imaging. So, your writing loft can be whatever you want it to be!

  9. Stephanie Faris said...

    Awwwwwww, thank you so much. Just popping by and got a big surprise. I was thinking when I first got here, I LOVE your new look. Very fun!

    My writing space? The sofa, on a laptop, with a blanket keeping me warm. If I'm ever a full-time novelist I may become like Meg Cabot and just stay in bed all day, writing propped up on some pillows!


    recent follower - i was one of the other featured bloggers on steph's site SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB look forward to reading more and if i have already sent you a comment i apologize.. i literally have no brain cells left

  11. Karen said...

    Thanks friends. The beauty of a laptop is that you can write anywhere. The challenge of a laptop is that you can write anywhere. I NEVER use my desktop computer anymore. Thanks to my laptop and wireless internet, I think I have written in every place you all have shared with me. I try my best to only do the serious stuff in my "loft," but sometimes my bed is just too convenient.

    jc - school is great. I thank God every day for sending me to the CWG. Articles are a challenge since I'm out of my comfort zone and prefer fiction, but I'm learning so much from writing them. I wish I was going in Feb. Unless God tells me otherwise, I have no plans to attend. I don't have any material that will be agent ready by then so I'll probably wait until 2011.

    Thanks guys for all the great comments.

  12. Shauna Renee' said...

    Love your new look!

    My writing space happens to be the dining room table. Occasionally I move to the bedroom with earplugs and a little plastic lap table my kids used to color on. I have to admit I seriously thought your original picture WAS your space! Now I'm not jealous anymore! ;) (And yes, I'm a little naive!)
    I am going to the CWG conference more to soak up the atmosphere and figure out if this is REALLY what God is wanting me to do. I'm still struggling a bit this month with inspiration. Too many tennis matches, volleyball games, practices to get to or pick up from, band events to attend--school started, has been crazy!!!!

    But that's where God wants me right now, I think. My girls will be grown before I realize it.

    BTW, I'm proud of you for sticking with your writing. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.
    (I know I don't have to say "keep the faith" because you already do!)