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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Evil Is God's Megaphone"

Question: Why does God allow His children to be the object of evil?

I usually leave my conversations with God with answers. Today, however, I left with this deep and troubling question. Evil was not on my mind in the least when I snuggled in close to God this morning. But when He released me to face the world, I was left unsettled by the concept of evil.

I don't mean evil like ghosts and goblins and witches and other make-believe fantasies. I mean REAL evil. Someone who kidnaps and murders a 7-year-old girl and dumps her in a landfill. A mother who gets liquored and doped up and kills a carload full of children driving the wrong way on a highway. A man who kidnaps an 11-year-old girl, rapes her, gets her pregnant twice, and holds her and her two girls hostage in a shed in the back yard for 18 years. Teenagers who douse a fellow teen in alcohol and set him on fire.

This is the real evil that exists in our world today, and I haven't even scratched the surface.

John 3 was on my reading list today which is what led me to start thinking about evil in the first place. Around verse 19 or 20, Jesus talks a little about evil. He says that evil men do not come to the Light for fear that their evil deeds will be known. And those who do evil hate the Light. Jesus, of course, is the Light.

So today's Bible reading collided with recent news and I was left with: Why does God allow his children to be the object of evil?

I can honestly say I've never asked the question if God is so good, why does he let bad things happen? Partly because I've just always trusted that He knows what He's doing and partly because I read the C.S. Lewis book The Problem of Pain early in my Christian walk. It answered that question before I even knew to ask it. Another great book that explores good and evil, also by C.S. Lewis is The Great Divorce which takes the reader on a fictional journey through Heaven and Hell. Read both of these if you grapple with the question of evil in the world.

As I meditated on today's question throughout the rest of my day, answers came to me. I am not a theologian in any way, so this is a commoners thoughts.

Question: Why does God allow His children to be the object of evil?

  • It solidifies our connection to Him.
  • The result is feeding a larger plan.
  • To prove to the devil that unconditional love of God does exist.
  • Evil is God's megaphone to a sick and dying world. His children have security in Heaven regardless of the result.
  • Because eliminating evil would mean eliminating choice. Eliminating choice would mean eliminating free will. Eliminating free will means eliminating good and evil. If there is no evil, what would we consider good? If there is no good, what would we consider evil?

And why evil specifically on His children? What is the solution? Segregate the evil people from the good? God could not do that and still allow us free will could He?

A day will come when He will segregate us and when the result of our choice to love Him, possible because of our free will, will be made pure and complete. Are you ready?

"Evil is God's megaphone to an unbelieving world." - C.S. Lewis


  1. warrenjc said...

    I heard it said as Evil and good are married and our salvation is the divorce decree. (Or something similar to that.)

    I think you are right about free will and the problem. The Bible says that it rains on the just and the unjust. Sounds simplistic and trite but its true.

    If we could answer that age old problem (why bad things happen to good people) we could retire and get every church out of debt with the revenue it would generate.

    Evil has a way of giving us consequences of our actions also. A cause and effect if you will. Good is what we strive for but stuff just happens.

    A sure cure is to seek God - to know Him. Maybe if we get close enough to Him maybe He'll put that megaphone away

  2. warrenjc said...

    I wanted to add Good job Karen and food for thought. Keep writing sister. GBY

  3. Christian Mommy Writer said...

    I've been bothered as well about all of the evil things that have been going on in society. Things aren't like they used to be and we really have to spend time in prayer.