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Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Chance (RVFF #13)

What is Random Vocabulary Flash Fiction (RVFF)? I blindly select a vocabulary word from Word Smart, and write a flash fiction story using that word. Flash fiction means it's short - you can read it in a flash. Click here to read my rules.

Today's word: Conciliatory (kun SIL ee uh tor ee)) - 1. making peace 2. attempting to resolve a dispute through goodwill

Another Chance (RVFF #13)

Cole slammed the phone on its cradle. The gesture offered no relief, so he grabbed it and threw it across the room. It made a small depression in the wall, cracked, and fell to the floor. His torture eased – slightly. He paced. He wanted to hit something. Her? No, he loved her. God help him, he still loved her. He tore the beaded chain she’d made him from around his neck and flung it. Beads scurried in every direction.

She’d jilted him more times than he could remember. Why was she suddenly being so conciliatory? So she could scrape through his heart one more time?

“I made a mistake,” she’d said when he questioned her about the engagement ring she was wearing the last time he saw her. Not his engagement ring, but someone else’s. Some guy he didn’t even know she’d been seeing. “He just wasn’t you, Cole. Nobody is you. I want you back.” That’s when he’d slammed the phone down.

He just couldn’t go through this again, but he knew he would. He always would for her. He loved her.

Word count = 182