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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Compensation Not Necessary (RVFF #3)

Random Vocabulary Flash Fiction (RVFF) - Click here to find out what it is.

Today's word: Reparation (rep uh RAY shun) - 1. paying back; 2. making amends; 3. compensation /I used definition #3 for this story.

Compensation Not Necessary (RVFF #3)

As I veered our snowmobile onto the frozen lake, the frigid Alaska air carried an icy mist cinnamon-fine and as penetrating as glass-dust. The sound of the mist pelting our goggles was ominous, and fifty yards out, a white-out obscured my vision.

"Randy! Go back!" my brother said.

"No! I know what I'm doing!"


"Shut up! I've got it!"

And I did have it - until the ice broke.

The snowmobile balanced precariously on one ski at the broken ice edge - front-half submerged, back-half slipping. My brother, clinging to the snowmobile, plucked me out of the water and tossed me onto the ice just before the snowmobile plunged beneath the surface. He never emerged.

How do I compensate my brother for my disobedience? For causing his death? I never can. Reparation isn't possible, nor is it necessary, when your brother sacrifices his life for your own.

Word count = 148


  1. Melissa said...

    Reparation isn't possible, nor is it necessary, when your brother sacrifices his life for your own.

    I have to comment...I think reparation WOULD be necessary, not so much to any other family member, but for your own self. Even though I am constantly at odds with my brother, if he did something like that, or if any other family member did that for me, I think it would be necessary for me in my mind to do *something* to help me work through the trauma of it. I'm sure you thought of that too, but the way I read it, it seemed like a flippant remark.

    My unprofessional 2 cents.... I'm having fun reading these! I love reading what is going on in your secret little mind!


  2. Karen said...

    Try reading it symbolically, Melissa, and let me know if you have different feelings. Hint: Randy has it all under control - he doesn't need help - he's coasting along - life is good - until the ice cracks. His brother, who has been trying to get his attention saves Randy from death - pulls him from the water -sacrifices himself to save Randy.

    Randy may WANT to pay his brother back for saving his life, but he can't. And were his brother alive, he'd say "Compensation Not Necessary" - I saved you because I love you (hint, hint, hint). :)

  3. Shauna Renee' said...

    Wow. Interesting analogy. I caught the connection immediately; this does make you think! I personally didn't think it seemed flippant, but maybe it's because I understood what you meant.
    Melissa brings up a good point, though. As people, our line of reasoning would be that we would want to compensate somehow. Which makes grace all the more astounding. Good job!

  4. Melissa said...

    I see .. said the blind man ... actually I do now, but I have never been one to read symbolically. Which is why it took me 3 tries to get through Freshman Lit in College. So figure....