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Monday, August 09, 2010

Overcoming Sinkholes (RVFF #7)

What is Random Vocabulary Flash Fiction (RVFF)? I blindly select a vocabulary word from Word Smart, and write a flash fiction story using that word. Flash fiction basically means it's short - you can read it in a flash. Click here to read my rules.

Today's word: Precipitous (pri SIP uh tus) - steep

Overcoming Sinkholes (RVFF #7)

Penelope slid down the precipitous slope of a sinkhole, trying to grab onto something, anything. The mud was sucking her in, and she was moving too fast to fight it. She landed with a slosh in the soupy base on the sinkhole floor. Something slithered around her legs and she jumped to her feet and froze.

The dark was disturbing, but twenty feet up, the daylight emphasized the hole she’d ridden her bike into. My bike… my phone. She moved cautiously through the muck until she found her bike. Reaching into the bike pack, she grabbed her phone – it was waterlogged, and dead. She began to cry.

She lifted her face toward the light. “You win, okay? I’m yours.” More slithering around her ankles - she screamed. “Please, I don’t like the dark. Get me out of here!”

A loud jingle signaled power to her phone and Penelope gasped.

Word count = 149