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Monday, November 07, 2011

Don't Stress When You Can't Write Every Day: Writer's Leap 366 (#7)

Lesson 7: Don't stress when you can't write every day.

There will be times when, despite what I told you in "Write Every Day," you're going to miss a day . . . or two . . . or a week. Don't stress about it. Things happen. Life gets in the way.

The kids are going to want to go to Disney World eventually. Give into some of that guilt you've been feeling over neglecting them since you started all this writing craziness, and go to Disney World. And I speak from experience here, just leave the laptop at home because Disney isn't the kick-back-and-do-some-writing kind of vacation. You'll be lucky to get your shoes off before you collapse into your overpriced hotel room bed each night, much less have the energy to unzip your laptop bag. 

Here's what you don't do when things happen: you never ever give up under the pressure of assumed defeat. You have not been defeated, you've just had a little lapse in your schedule. 

Here's what you do do when things happen--come in real close, you need to hear this: write the next day. And voilĂ , victory is yours.

Visit me tomorrow for another Writer's Leap 366 lesson.


  1. Jen said...

    And again - thank you for giving me just what I need. You are amazing!

  2. Karen said...

    Thanks, Jen. And you are just one of the coolest people I know. Thanks for always building me up. I can't tell you how much that has encouraged me over the years.