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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fiction Today, Reality Tomorrow (RVFF #10)

What is Random Vocabulary Flash Fiction (RVFF)? I blindly select a vocabulary word from Word Smart, and write a flash fiction story using that word. Flash fiction basically means it's short - you can read it in a flash. Click here to read my rules.

Today's word: Acumen (AK yoo mun) - 1. keenness of judgment 2. mental sharpness

Fiction Today, Reality Tomorrow (RVFF #10)

“Global Progression troops – got the Markette family!” Allison was breathless.

“Calm down, honey,” Paul said.

“Yanked them - out of their house - stripped them, hanged them upside down - stoned them to death. Their neighbors found out they were Christians – grabbed stones and joined in the massacre.”

“How did the GPTs find out about the Markettes? We’ve been careful.”

“There must be a spy in the congregation.”

“They could be headed here. Grab the kids. Let’s go!”

“Suitcases - under the bed.”

“No, we have to get out now!”

“We need those suitcases!”

Paul opened a suitcase and was startled to find ammunition inside. “I thought we agreed to let God be in control?”

“God was in control when He led me to an underground arms dealer and told me to protect our family.”

Grateful for Allison’s survival acumen, Paul’s confliction melted away, and a slim hope seeped in.

Word count = 150


  1. Shauna Renee' said...

    Wow. Love this! Now where's the rest of the story! ;)