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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Pain of Truth (RVFF #8)

What is Random Vocabulary Flash Fiction (RVFF)? I blindly select a vocabulary word from Word Smart, and write a flash fiction story using that word. Flash fiction basically means it's short - you can read it in a flash. Click here to read my rules.

Today's word: Wanton (WAHN tun) - 1. malicious 2. unjustifiable 3. unprovoked 4. egregious / I used definition #1 for this story.

The Pain of Truth (RVFF #8)

Willa watched her brother aim his gun at the three-legged dog lapping water at the river’s edge.

“Griffin! Don’t!”

Willa heard the blast and winced. The dog stood there for a moment, then hobbled forward and fell into the river. She watched in shock as the current carried the dog away.

Later, as Willa sat on the porch hating her wanton brother, a one-legged man appeared in the distance.

“Gracie!” The man whistled. “Here, girl.” He approached Willa. “Miss, have you seen a dog, black and white, missing a leg, like me?”

Willa wanted to tell the one-legged man everything. But looking into his worry-filled eyes, the pain of ignorance seemed more humane than the pain of truth.

“No, sir. I haven’t seen your dog.”

Willa frowned knowing she would carry the pain of truth for him, and ironically she envied the one-legged man.

Word count = 144